This Is It

A Toast to Daniel and Emily

The inspection period is over

Due diligence is complete

The Title Binder came back clean

The survey is printed out neat


The earnest money is in escrow

The parties agreed on the date

The tax prorations are figured out

The brokers can hardly wait


Closing is set for tomorrow

They’re ready to commit

As we said on the invitation

This is really it


Now it didn’t always look like

We would make it here tonight

It’s been on and off again through the years

But now the time is just right


So let me tell you the story

That began many years ago

When these two first knew each other

As kids on Sterling Road


Daniel was eleven

And Emily thought he was cool

When he moved into the neighborhood

And transferred to Mountain Brook School


Emily was just a block away

And Daniel thought she looked fine

He even sent her flowers

And asked her to be his valentine


But they just flirted for many years

Until they got to 10th grade

She drove Daniel to school each day

And he began wanting to date


She finally broke up with a boyfriend

He thought the moment was right

But Emily made him wait awhile

Before agreeing to go out one night


They dated through junior and senior years

And through the first year of college

Then Daniel moved to Boulder

Things got harder they both acknowledge


They stayed together for over a year

But from 1,000 miles away

Time and distance pulled them apart

They finally called it a day


They both dated other people

And tried to move along

But it must be that deep inside

Their love continued strong


Emily went to Australia

Then moved back to Birmingham

I don’t think she ever believed at the time

She’d be dating Daniel again


After college Daniel took off

To cruise the Bahamas with me

He said he loved being single

Romance was just not to be


But perhaps in those days on the ocean

Something was beginning to change

Because shortly after we got home

He and Emily were back on again


A year later he was thinking marriage

Things just seemed headed that way

And here we are at Lake Martin

Tomorrow is their wedding day


My mother Virginia is here tonight

And she recalls the day in May

In New York in 1945

When they celebrated VE Day


They were going out to celebrate

My Dad asked a good friend along

John Abernethy joined them

For a night of dance and song


Now who could have ever imagined

That night 60 years ago

They both would have grandchildren

Who would be getting married tomorrow


So perhaps this began many years ago

As a gleam in their grandparents eyes

Or perhaps it goes back to the sixth grade

When Daniel first kissed his future bride


Or perhaps it began in high school

When their dating really began

Or perhaps it began in 2003

When they got back together again


Regardless of when this journey began

They’ve reached a milestone now

And we’re all happily gathered here

To watch them take their vows


So drink up, enjoy the party

But don’t stay out too late

The closing is tomorrow

And we all need to look great


Please join me as I raise my glass

To toast the groom and bride

As they set out together

Traveling side by side


Had I a wish to give you

As we celebrate tonight

It would not be only happiness

But that love keep burning bright


What I would wish for both of you

As you go down life’s road

Is that you always have each other

To help you carry the load


Here’s to you Daniel and Emily

To your future as husband and wife

May respect and love bind you together

Tonight and the rest of your life


John Samford

October 14, 2005