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The new Shaft Coupling is here

The mechanic arrived here about 1:00 pm and is working now on installing the new shaft coupling. We should know in a couple of hours whether this will do the trick. If so, the winds are light from the west and we can head out this afternoon for Chicago.

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John, I'm sort of glad I'm not with you, and yet I want to be,
to help ply you with Wild Turkey. Did the previous owner ever operate the boat? I'm glad you have an able seaman/Pilot/Engineer with you.

I've hooked up to have your posts come yo my email, but they seem to be a day or so behind your actual posting time, so I'll continue to check your blog directly.

Had a great meat loaf dinner with your bride along with martinis, of course! It was delicious.

Take care of yourself!!!!

Uncle Randy
October 17, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterUncle Randy

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