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Day 13

There is nothing like freezing cold rainy weather to sap your initiative. I have really been wanting to wash down the outside of the boat but today I was confined to indoor work. I decided to tackle the backwards shower control in the master bedroom and determine what was causing the master head to back up. Both were infinitely frustrating and required three trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s to try to find the correct tools. Finally, by 5 pm, I had successfully completed both tasks.

 Following the advice of Perfect Deckhand, I decided to try out the marina showers after such long and nasty work. It proved to be a great decision. Unlike the boat, the marina has high water pressure and an unlimited supply of hot water. I showered for at least 30 minutes, shaved my neck (not the whole beard), and put on clean clothes from home that are actually pressed. At about 7 pm I headed over to Tony’s, the local sports bar, to join the local fanatics pulling for the Cardinals in the World Series. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and an entire bottle of red wine and settled in to make an evening of it.

2006 Sturgeon Bay to Mobile 054.jpgAnd what could be better than being in St. Louis when the team wins it’s first World Series in 20-something years.Tony’s was hopping and I was having a grand old time when a waitress informed me that I had a telephone call. There was only one person who knew I would be at Tony’s, and sure enough, it was Perfect Deckhand calling to wish me well. As you know by now, the Cardinals went on to win game five and the series. It was a glorious evening at Tony’s and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Tony’s went crazy at the end of the game and I was glad to have a chance to share the victory with the local fans

Tomorrow, the rain is supposed to be over and the temperature will begin to warm, getting up to 68 Sunday and 70 Monday. I’ll continue my projects until then and await the lovely Laura Lee’s arrival Sunday evening. I’ll check back in Monday night, assuming there is internet access. 

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