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Day 27

Location: Anchored at Mile 278 of the Tenn-Tom, 25 miles above I-20/59

Distance Travelled Today: 77 Nautical Miles

Total Trip Distance: 1123 Nautical Miles

We made a giant stride today in our effort to reach Coffeeville Lock before it closes for a week on Tuesday. Since we were anchored just above Amory Lock, which is well lit up, we could start before daylight. We called the lockmaster at about 4:30 am and told him we would like to lock down between 5 and 5:30. He told us he would be ready for us right around 5 am. We zipped through the lock, exiting around 5:30 at the very beginning of daylight and began moving with the first light. Getting started early and moving with the current all day allowed us to cover almost 93 statute miles and complete the Amory Lock, the Aberdeen Lock, and the John Stennis Lock all in one 12 hour day.

To make Coffeeville, we have 162 miles to cover over the next three days, including two locks to pass through. We will pass through the Howell Heflin lock tomorrow and the Demopolis Lock Sunday.

We’re in the old Tombigbee River now which was straightened in places and dredged to create the Tenn-Tom. There are numerous large bends where the Corps of Engineers simply cut a shortcut, leaving the ox bow as it was and we are anchored in one of those bends tonight.

There’s not much to report out here. Just two old goats taking turns driving all day. I hope I can post this and last night’s blog when we get to Demopolis today

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