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What a week it's been

Maureen Dowd started it all off Wednesday quoting David Geffen’s fierce attack on the Clintons — “Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling”. Hillary’s campaign lashed out and demanded that Barack Obama disavow Geffen’s remarks and return the $1.3 million that Geffen helped raise for Obama’s campaign at a dinner Tuesday evening. Obama, who has vowed to stay above the fray in matters like this, found out that his own campaign spokesman had joined in the fight with some bitter words for the Clintons. Not to be outdone by the democrats, Senator McCain and the vice president had their own little spat this week. And then we’ve all had to worry about who the strange judge would decide should have custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s decomposing body and who is the father of her child. Then there’s Britney Spears, who shaved her head, got some new tatoos, and entered rehab three times in as many days. And Jennifer Aniston apparently is proud to show off her new nose but won a lawsuit to stop some website from showing a topless picture of her. It’s downright exhausting worrying about all these things.

In today’s New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert points out that no one can figure out what to do about Al Qaeda or Iraq, about rebuilding New Orleans, and about the melting polar ice caps. “But none of that has really gotten the public’s attention. None of it is amusing enough. As a nation of spectators, we seem content to sit with a pizza and a brew in front of the high-def flat-screen TV, obsessing over Anna Nicole et al., and giving no thought to the possibility that the calamitous events unfolding in the world may someday reach our doorsteps.”

In the midst of all this insanity, what I’m sure all of you are really concerned about is the status of Steel Magnolia at Dog River Marina in Mobile. Well, the boat is, as they say, “on the beach”, which means it has been hauled out of the water and the serious cutting and welding is being done to install the stabilizer fins. This work should be completed within the next week. Meanwhile, work is continuing on expanding the guest shower, and that too should be finished soon. I plan to go down to Mobile in about two weeks to go over the final steps in getting her ready to travel. With luck, we’ll be out of Dog River before the ice melts and Dog River Marina washes away.

I realize there has been nothing of interest posted here for several months, but I promise there are adventures yet to come. Stand by for postings as I move the boat south from Mobile, through the Florida Keys, and up to Savannah, Georgia this spring. And in the meantime, let’s hope everything turns out OK for Hillary and Barack and Anna Nicole and Britney and Jennifer. Remember, if all of this was not on the news, something else would be.

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Reader Comments (2)

John,I just love it when you wax eloquently! Keep my name on the crew manifest.
February 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterEarly Uncle Randy
Well I am glad that someone can stay with all the news and what important is going on in the world. Thank god for your blog or I would be lost. Thanks for the update. see you soon.
March 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

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