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On My Own Again

Log: 2511

Location: Cumberland Island, Georgia

    One of the reasons I’ve hurried up getting the boat to Savannah is my insurance policy, which will not cover the boat in Florida, the Bahamas, or the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season, beginning on June 1. Technically, the “navigation limits” of the policy during this period are “U.S. Atlantic coastwise and inland waters not north of Eastport, Maine nor south of Cumberland Island, Georgia”. So here I am, not south of Cumberland Island. After a long day, I pulled behind Cumberland, past three wild horses grazing near the ruins of Dungeness.

    John Fortenberry and Judy rented a car this morning to head home and helped get me away from the dock at St. Augustine at 9 am. I traveled 60 nautical miles to Cumberland, usually against stiff currents, arriving at 5:45 this afternoon. I figure John and Judy could just about make it back to Mobile in the time I managed to cover 60 miles.

    I’m anchored about half way between the Forest Service dock and Grayfield Inn among about 15 other boats. The waterway, marinas and anchorages are all crowded this week because seas are rough, forcing everyone to travel “inside”.

    I enjoy running the boat alone, but I must admit today was tiring with no break for almost nine hours. It was all I could do in the occasional wide channel to put the boat on autopilot and dash back to grab a drink or a snack. I missed John running the boat with me in two-hour shifts and Judy serving lunch to us. But I’m getting close to home. If all goes well, I should be in Savannah by Friday afternoon.


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