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Day Four

Day Four

Wednesday January 16, 2008

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Log: 2795

Distance Yesterday: 54 miles 

Total trip Distance: 109

We had a nice cruise down the Intracoastal yesterday with only one slight encounter with the underwater topography. To get out of the way of an oncoming barge and tug, Bryan had to move to the side of the channel, which proved to be no channel at all. However, we were barely moving and it was easy to get unstuck by backing down after the barge passed. The hearty sailors on Snowhawk went outside and actually beat us to St. Augustine, claiming they had a great sail in eight to 10-foot seas. We are staying in port today waiting for a front to pass and we hope to travel overnight and tomorrow around Cape Canaveral to Ft. Pierce, Florida

Dr. Duck is proving to be a valuable crew member. However, some conversations could easily be misinterpreted, given that he is a Urologist. Last night he told me the following:

    “Tomorrow I’m going to spend the morning working on your dingy. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time. It’s a little small, but it appears to be usable. I’m going to charge it overnight, check all the fluids, and see if we can jump start it in the morning. Before we try to use it, I’m going to need to pump it up a little. It needs to be fully-inflated for a good ride. The best thing I can recommend to you is to make sure it gets regular use and routine maintenance.”

I guess at my age, you sometimes need a urologist to get your dingy working properly.

Assuming frontal passage, we hope to get around cape Canaveral tonight and tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted. 

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