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Bonefish Bob and the Darling Ashley

Log: 3375

Emerald Bay Marina, Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

Sunday, February 17, 2008

When last I wrote here, we were being buffeted by high winds and seas at Volleyball Beach near Georgetown. Wednesday, we retreated to Emerald Bay Marina to celebrate Valentine’s Day, clean up the boat, and await our friends Bob and Ashley Spotswood from Birmingham.

We spent Thursday and Friday cleaning and provisioning, had an elegant Valentine dinner Thursday night at the Four Seasons Resort, and met the Spotswood’s upon their arrival Friday evening. Darling Ashley arrived nursing a cold and exhausted from the stress of an opening displaying her artwork at a gallery in Birmingham Thursday evening. See http://www.activeculture.info/eventsDetails.asp?ItemID=11627 and http://www.ashleywiltshire.blogspot.com/. Bonefish Bob, on the other hand, arrived pumped up for a day of bonefishing he had arranged for all of us Saturday.

jsw_2008_bahamas_trip_011-2.jpgSaturday morning, we arose early and met our guides Reno Rolle and Garth Thompson at 8:00 am at the Peace and Plenty Hotel. The ladies took off with Reno while Bonefish Bob and I headed out with Garth for a day on the flats. The weather was spectacular, the water sparkling, and the scenery beautiful. Garth proved his worth by finding plenty of fish for us and Bonefish Bob earned his nickname by hauling in four Bonefish. I hooked three, lost one early, got one close to the boat, and landed one, my first Bonefish. The ladies were not as fortunate finding fish, but each landed one to make the day complete. Actually, Bonefish Bob and I could have caught at least six each, but it is easy to make a slight error in casting or setting the hook. Bob and the ladies were all using flyrods, giving them an additional handicap, while I, for my first bonefishing trip, stuck to a rod and reel.

We celebrated with a drink at the Peace and Plenty and had dinner by the pool here at Emerald Bay. All in all, a good day. 

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Reader Comments (5)

Finally a post worthy of paradise-"Whiny" does not become the great captain. To many more positive posts. Give Darling and Bonefish a big hug for bringing you out of the depths. Luv, Jaaammmmmeeeesssss

February 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPerfect Deckhand

Perfect Deckhand is right. Looking back at the blog, there are a lot of negative posts. In fact, we're having a great time. Even the weather has been unable to spoil paradise. I'll try to publish more of the good news to brighten your days.

February 17, 2008 | Registered CommenterJohn Samford

What a great day! I haven't been bonefishing since Presley and still haven't been sucessful! Congratulations!!! And Congratulations to "Darling Ashley" on a beautiful and sucessful opening Thursday night!!! I was sorry I missed Mary Hayward!
Love to all!!!!

February 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLivy (aka Galley wench #2)

Well Well - sounds like a Hemingway like adventure. Congrats! Just know that I'm available most weekends. Skills: conch diving, fileting fish, wine paring, motor repair, and the double haul. References upon request. :) Robert

February 19, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Spotswood

Yah, we know Garth. No small talk form this guy. But remeber this....her repeates everything question you say to him as his answer.
E.G.. "Hey Garth there are a lot of sharks on the flats" to which he responds...."Sharks"

"Hey Garth I hear the four seasons is going under"......"going under"

But the man can put you on the Bones. Well done! But, stay away from drex--he's a used car salesman!

John Tattersall, Sterling Virginia - -Exuma veteran.

September 30, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjohn Tattersall

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