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Little Farmer's Cay

Monday, February 4, 2008

Location: Little Farmer’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

Log: 3313

Miles Traveled today: 55

Total Trip Distance: 674

Having completed a couple of repairs yesterday afternoon, we had a nice dinner on the boat last night prepared by someone called “Cool Runner” on the VHF radio. We chose our dish and spoke to him during the day and it arrived at about 6:30. Since we cannot get network television on the boat, we spent about an hour trying to receive the Super Bowl on sideband radio, only to discover that we could hear the game, but not see it, on the NFL network on DirecTV.

This morning we got off around seven for a long slow day into head seas. We only made around five knots most of the day to avoid pitching too much. Seas were steep and right on the nose, making for a long uncomfortable day.

We are now tied up at Little Farmer’s Cay, a place I visited about 10 years ago. The “yacht club” here is run by a gentleman named Roosevelt Nixon. This is where we had planned to attend the five-F festival (First Friday February Farmer’s Festival) last Friday, but weather delayed our arrival. It’s a shame we were late because I had entered Early Uncle Randy in the “Best Buns” competition. Perhaps another year.

We’re within 50 miles of our final destination at Georgetown. We’re planning to get there tomorrow night but I’m afraid we’re going to have another rough day at sea. However, we shall plow ahead as Randy is scheduled to fly out early Thursday morning.

Saturday the Lovely Laura Lee joins me for a three-week visit. She will be accompanied by the Lovable Loti Woods who will join us for a few days. Our friends the Spotswood’s from Birmingham will be down the following weekend and then we’ll be joined by my entire family at Cape Santa Maria at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to completing the “delivery” portion of the trip. However, I am mindful that inviting friends to vacation on Steel Magnolia is like having a house party in a small mobile home. I hope everyone will enjoy the tight quarters.

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