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Compass Cay

Log: 3640

Thursday, February 6, 2008

Location: Compass Cay Marina

Distance Traveled Today: 15 Nautical Miles

Total Trip Distance:  1016 Nautical Miles

Internet connections are very spotty down here. They are usually through Hughes satellite setups and they seem to come and go with clouds, too many users, etc. Anyway, last night someone sent me an email more than 4 MB in size and my computer simply froze up trying to get it. When I rebooted and went to bellsouth.mail to see what it was, it was gone. So, if you are the person who sent me a massive email, pictures or movies or whatever, let me know and I’ll ask you to resend it when I’m home. Don’t send it again now or I’ll lock up again. I think there is some way to set Outlook not to download huge files but just to give me the header, but I don’t know how to do it.

Today was great. I awoke early and had breakfast at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club while Laura slept. I then took a walk to the Batelco office and bought $40 worth of time on my pay-as-you-go cellphone. We checked out at about 10 am, moved the boat to a nearby anchorage, and took the dingy over to Thunderball Cave where we snorkled inside, checked out the beautiful fish, etc. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. Come on down here and check it out.

After lunch, we traveled the short 15 miles north to Compass Cay, a laid back little place we had heard about. We came to watch them feed the sharks. We got here and asked when they would be fed and were told to go ahead and feed them whenever we liked. What they have here is a little dock intentionally built low in the water so that at high tide, the dock is underwater by a few inches. A handful of Nurse sharks hang around the dock in the clear water. At high tide, you throw a little meat in the water and some of the sharks actually climb up onto the dock and walk around with their fins. So at high tide, we gave them an bunch of sandwich meat which they gladly slurped down. We were told we could walk out on the dock with them, but we didn’t try that.

We’re grilling steak right now. Tomorrow, it’s on to Allan’s Cay at the north end of the Exumas and then on to Nassau Saturday, just in time, for we are down to our last two bottles of red wine.

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