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Safely Home

Log: 4,350

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Location: The Ford Plantation, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Distance Travelled Today: 76 Nautical Miles

Total Trip Distance:1,710 Nautical Miles

This is just a final post to say that the 2008 Bahamas Trip is over. After an 11-hour day, I finally pulled into The Ford Plantation marina at 7 pm this evening. This will be Steel Magnolia’s home at least until next winter when we may set out on another journey south. We are here this summer not only because we are members here and use a house belonging to my mother, but also because it’s very convenient to be able to go tinker with the boat while staying here. Also, the water here in the Ogeechee River is almost entirely fresh water, which prevents the bottom of the boat from getting covered with scum and barnacles as it did last summer.

An interesting note: I always update the page on this site called “where’s the boat”. You can click it on the left of this page and see a Google map of the boat’s location. While updating it tonight, I noticed that if you choose to view the satellite photo view rather than the map, you can zoom in to the marina here and see my old boat Suladan tied at the end of the marina dock. The picture must be a couple of years old so we’ll have to wait for an updated satellite photo for Steel Magnolia to actually appear in the satellite view.

Anyway, it’s been a great trip. The journey down to the Exumas was long and arduous as was the trip home. I enjoy travelling at seven knots but i never realized the time it would take for such a journey. It may be awhile before we tackle anything this ambitious again. Meanwhile, there will be lots of short trips and nights out at anchor to enjoy the boat.

Tune in next time. And, as my daughter Suzanne says, “Thanks for clicking on us.” 

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