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Jack and Ruth are safely home

I wrote back on April 29 that I was worried about my friends Jack and Ruth Livingstone who were trying to cross the Gulf Stream in their 25-foot sailboat. I actually got quite worried when I didn;t hear anything from them for over two weeks. However, I did get an email today that they have made it safely back to New Orleans.

They seem to have been in quite a hurry and got through Lake Okeechobee and at least as far as Appalachicola. They left the boat somewhere and got a bus back to New Orleans. You can read their scattered blog entries here. Glad to know they are safe and sound.

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Really cool of you to be so worried about us, man. I didn't realize you were until we inadvertantly relieved you of that two week watch. I apologize for that, I really do. It is very humbling to have people be so kind as you've been. You're a good friend. I'm still bragging to people about what a cool couple you two were, and how kind it was of you to put us up in Long Island that night. "Wow," I'm still thinking to myself.

I love the blog man. Your pictures kill me.


May 26, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJack Livingstone

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