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Random Acts of Kindness

It’s Christmas eve morning and we woke up to find that we were out of coffee. So I took Scarlett (the Irish Setter shown below) to chase the ball in the park and stopped at Starbuck’s on the way home. In the drive-thru lane, I ordered two pounds of House Blend (close to $22) and waited my turn to reach the window.

When I got to the window, they handed me my bag and said “Merry Christmas”. I held out the money and she said, “Don’t worry about it. The guy in the car in front of you paid for yours.” Dumbfounded, I asked her who it was and she replied: “I don’t know. He just said to tell you Merry Christmas.”

It made my Christmas. I have no idea who it was and I don’t think he knew who I was either. However, I had been in line for several minutes and I had noticed the Alabama sticker on his rear window.

So I recommend that everyone commit some random act of kindness today. You will make someone else’s Christmas great.

Merry Christmas to everyone. And War Eagle.

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John, I have witnessed and been the recipient of numerous times when you and Laura Lee have "paid it forward". It is nothing new to you. But some of us have some catching up to do. Merry Christmas, good friends: Looking forward to more good times........regardless who's "forwarding" what! dgs

December 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Sands

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