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Goodbye to Steel Magnolia

Today was the day set for closing on the sale of Steel Magnolia. All the documents were signed in advance and held in escrow, so I only had to await receiving a wire transfer of the funds, which hit my account this afternoon. Voila. I am no longer a boat owner. Congratulations to Sean and Louise who arrived at Thunderbolt Marine today to take posession of their newest means of transportation and adventure. See their blog here to continue following the boat.

The Lovely Laura Lee and I had dinner as guests of Sean and Louise tonight at Tubby’s Tank House right down the street from Thunderbolt Marine. They are a lovely and charming couple and I have no doubt Steel Magnolia, now to be called Vector, is in fine hands.

Tomorrow, I have agreed to accompany them as they move the boat a few miles down the river. This will give us a chance for a little orientation, which is always needed because boats are almost as complicated as women.

In due coure, I will take down the blog sections entitled “Where’s the boat”, “About the boat”, and “What was wrong with Steel Magnolia”. Sean can start his own blog sections on the same subjects if he would like.

Soon, this blog will no longer be referred to as a “Ship’s Log”, unless I buy another boat, and I will think of some other masthead to place at the top of this page. If I take up some other crazy hobby, I will rename the blog appropriately. I have given much thought to taking up flying again after a 10-year hiatus, because I am sick of the six-hour drive from Savannah to Birmingham. This is far from definite, but I’m working on it.

Just thinking about flying brings to mind “Sky King”, who flew around his ranch with his neice “Penny” when I was a young child. Perhaps the blog will be named “Sky King” if I go back to flying. At this stage in life, I have met a number of older guys who travel around with some young lady referred to as their “neice”. Kind of makes me wonder about old Sky, especially when I see the picture at left. But I digress.

I’ll keep you posted on my next adventures, and there will be some for sure. Stay tuned here to see what I am up to, and follow Sean’s blog to see where the boat has gone. I’ll post again soon when plans are made.

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