DeLorme inReach
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 06:44PM
John Samford in Flying, Journal

I have a new gadget I have been learning to use when I fly. It is called a DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator. It does all kinds of cool things. First, it is a GPS that figures out your location and transmits it to a site that displays it on a map on the internet. Second, you can send and receive texts using the Iridium satellite network. And third, it has an SOS button that will transmit your need for help to rescue authorities while also giving them your location.

Today I flew from Hinesville, Georgia up to Rock Hill, SC, just south of Charlotte, to leave my plane to get its annual inspection. I texted the Lovely Laura Lee and a couple of other people when I took off, giving them a link to follow me on the DeLorme map. The trip was uneventful, and I’m spending the night here near Charlotte, where I fly out tomorrow on an airline while my plane remains here to get its inspection. 

Here is the map of my trip today, and a zoomed in look at my location when I landed. I had the gadget set to transmit my location every 10 minutes. Very cool.

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