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Saratoga in Sarasota

My plane is technically a Piper 6X, but it is part of the Saratoga series of planes and most people know it as a version of a Piper Saratoga. I now have a Saratoga in Sarasota. I kept getting confused today flying telling controllers my plane was a Sarasota and I was flying VFR to Saratoga.

Well, nothing more has been heard from Avidyne, and I don’t really expect to hear more. My friend Sean who bought my boat is an expert on Windows software used in embedded systems, and I flagrantly plagiarized his email to me in my last post on the Avidyne forums (his explanation was just perfectly clear), but I have yet to hear the kind of technical response I have been requesting. I will just have to hope they are right that this kind of failure is rare, and that there is nothing I can do differently to avoid it.

I finally got a clear day in central Florida and flew the plane over to Sarasota to have Sarasota Avionics replace my two Garmin GPS’s with more modern ones that utilize the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). It should be ready to pick up when I head back down there next Wednesday to try to complete my flight training.

This has become an obsessive effort to overcome electronic failures and bad weather, along with my crazy meeting schedule, to get both the plane and me up to speed and ready to fly. I’m back in Georgia in a different rental car which I will turn in in Birmingham early next week. I will fly back to Orlando on Southwest and try to pick up the plane and complete my training by the end of next week. I still have cars and planes and keys all over the place, but I am making progress. 

Sarasota Saratoga 881 Romeo Juliet out.

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