To Laura and her Friends

I’d like to raise our glasses now

To toast your graduation
To celebrate your moving on
To higher education


Laura is my youngest child
The last to leave our home
I celebrate with all of you
But I’ll miss her when she’s gone


When she arrived she slept all day
And stayed awake all night
She continued to live on Korean time
She just couldn’t get it right


And now after some 18 years
She’s still asleep all day
She comes to life when the sun goes down
That’s when she’s ready to play


She’s always been creative
She cooks with care and skill
And there’s absolutely no telling
How many journals she’s filled


She’s always loved her horses
And she’s ridden for many years
To see her smile when she enters the ring
Has moved us all to tears



But the most special thing about Laura
And the reason for this toast
Is how much she cares for family and friends
Those that she cherishes the most


And so tonight I propose a toast
To all of you gathered here
You’re off on a great adventure
As you begin your college years


Don’t forget each other
No matter where you roam;
Go your way and make friends,
But treasure those from home.


May each of you go off to find
The dreams within your heart;
But may time and distance never keep
These friends too far apart.

John Samford
August 12, 2002