To Suzanne and Friends

June 1, 1996

We’re gathered here to celebrate

Your coming graduation;

So I’ve composed a toast that rhymes

To say congratulations.

I’ve watched you go through Altamont,

Through good times and through bad;

Sometimes you’ve made me happy, and

Sometimes you’ve made me mad.

I remember the City Stages night

When you all came home at three;

I remember the snowstorm at Carriage Place

When you were caught in the freeze.

I remember Nelson’s confession

That he had bought the beer;

I remember the concert in Tuscaloosa

That you weren’t supposed to hear.

Somehow throughout your escapades,

When you were all a mess;

I knew we’d be sitting here one night

Toasting your success.

Tonight I’m proud to honor you,

Not because you’re college bound;

But because you’ve grown together

And deep friendship you’ve found.

For I can tell you clearly

When things don’t go your way;

These special friends you’ve gathered here

Will get you through the day.

So cling to one another

No matter where you roam;

Go your way and make new friends,

But treasure those from home.

Please join me as I raise my glass,

As I propose a toast;

To friends you’ll have for all your life,

To those you love the most.


May each of you go off to find

The dreams within your heart;

But may time and distance never keep

These friends too far apart.